10 Years

of Experience and Tradition

We operate in domestic market

with more than 300 clients

Company „Pak Rampart“ d.o.o. Visoko is established in 11.05.2005.

The company “Pak Rampart” d.o.o. Visoko is established in 11.05.2005. Founder and owner is Smailagić Nihad. The capital of company is 100% in private ownership.

Ultimate combination of friable wafer sheets filled with different cream tastes, which provide a sweet satisfaction to your mouth. They are characterized by extreme crispness and freshness. These wafers can be found in five different tastes: hazelnut, cocoa, coconut, coffee and vanilla. They are available in various pack sizes of 200, 400 and 800 g.
Petit biscuit it product designed for all generations, cozy and snug for every day. It is suitable for consumption in moments of break with glass of warm milk, tea or coffee. It is available in various convenient packages: 150, 175, 400, 700 and 1000 g.
Salty snacks are favorite in the moments of rest and fun, while watching sporting events and films. Salted pretzels are available in packages of 180 and 80 grams.
Chocolate-coated tea biscuits, a favorite for all generations of consumers. „Domaćica“ is a delicious cookie for any occasion, topped with excellent cocoa topping, which slowly melts in mouth. Available in different packages: 200, 250, 400 and 800 g.


The annual production of all facilities are about 7.500 tons. From the beginning until today, the company is constantly on the rise. Every plan is achieved, regardless of the overall situation in the region.
Packaging of our products are made according to the latest and most modern standards of packaging, packaging of all our products from the smallest to the largest is designed in such a way that the adjustable to article or the packaging design.
Today, of the total annual revenue of the company, export relates to 70% and has a constant tendency of growth .. The countries in which our products are represented: Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Hungary, Kosovo, the United States and Australia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Albania.
In the domestic market we work with about 500 customers, of which we note that we supply all the major supermarket chains in Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as Konzum, Robot General Trading, Best UTD Travnik, Bingo d.o.o. , Fis d.o.o.

Unforgettable unique flavors!

Try it to be sure of our quality


Try our new products in combination with different flavors of high quality. The combination of aroma and full flavor with a high content of quality ingredients will give you an unforgettable experience.

Promo video: Business complex of the company integrates in the 5 (five) business units as follows: manufacturing, wholesale, retail, catering, while the transport of raw materials for the manufacture and marketing of products on the market are done with a total of 8 trucks, vans and 6 4 passenger cars.
Company headquarters and production facilities occupies 20,000 m2.


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